Important Information

Date: 28-29 November 2009

Guest: Mr.Cheng Ming Huang(9th-grade), Ms.Kaori Aoba(4th-grade)

Event: Exhibition match

 The third program: Zen vs Ms.Kaori Aoba(4th-grade)
 Champion program: KCC Igo vs Mr.Cheng Ming Huang(9th-grade)


Play with Japanese rule, where thinking time is 30 minutes.
The details are here.

Internet Broadcating

We broadcasted the competition on 29th by the Internet.
Thank you for your much interest.


Fee: free

Application period: 9 October - 14 November


The University of Electro-communications
           : Building W-9 3F AV hall(campus map:40)
1-5-1 Chofugaoka, Chofu-shi, Tokyo 182-8585 Japan.