General Information

Date: 27 - 28 November 2010

Guest: Mr.Cheng Ming Huang(9th-grade), Ms.Kaori Aoba(4th-grade)

Event: Exhibition match

(28 Nov. 2010)

 Zen vs Ms.Kaori Aoba(4th-grade) : Zen won.

 Fuego vs Mr.Cheng Ming Huang(9th-grade) : Mr.Cheng won.


Japanese rules on 19x19 board
Time control of 30 minutes without Byoyomi
The detail is here.

Major modifications from the last UEC Cup

No seeding system in the final tournament
The Swiss-system tournament in the preliminary round will be reconsidered.
No computer loans from the steering committee


Fee: free

Application period: 27 October - 21 November


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