Result (Second Day)

The second dayiNov. 28j)

16 programs fought the final tournament.

Order Program Name
1 Fuego
2 Zen
3 Erica
4 Aya
5 Many Faces of Go
6 Coldmilk
7 caren
8 PerStone
9 Katsunari
10 Shikousakugo
12 ballade
13 Nomitan
14 MC_ark
15 Tombo
16 Prologue

ĦDownload the all SGF files for the second day

* W = Win, L = Loss

[Black] vs [White]

Ħ1st round on the tournament
W Zen vs Shikousakugo L
W caren vs Nomitan L
L ballade vs Coldmilk W
L Prologue vs Erica W
L Katsunari vs Fuego W
W PerStone vs MC_ark L
L GOGATAKI vs Many Faces of Go W
W Aya vs Tombo L

Ħ2nd round on the tournament
L caren vs Zen W
L Coldmilk vs Erica W
L PerStone vs Fuego W
W Aya vs Many Faces of Go L

L Erica vs Zen W
W Fuego vs Aya L

W Fuego vs Zen L

ĦRank 3-4 final
L Aya vs Erica W

ĦRank 5-8 tournament
L caren vs Coldmilk W
L PerStone vs Many Faces of Go W

ĦRank 5-6 final
L Coldmilk vs Many Faces of Go W

ĦRank 7-8 final
W caren vs PerStone L

Ħ1st round for Rank 9-16 tournament
W Shikousakugo vs Nomitan L
W ballade vs Prologue L
L MC_ark vs Katsunari W

ĦRank 9-12 tournament
W Shikousakugo vs ballade L
L GOGATAKI vs Katsunari W

ĦRank 13-16 tournament
L Prologue vs Nomitan W
W MC_ark vs Tombo L

ĦRank 9-10 final
W Katsunari vs Shikousakugo L

ĦRank 11-12 final
W GOGATAKI vs ballade L

ĦRank 13-14 final
L MC_ark vs Nomitan W

ĦRank 15-16 final
W Tombo vs Prologue L