Grant of travel expense

Grant of travel expense

From this time, a system to provide partial financial assistance after screening for programs participating from overseas is available (up to 300,000 yen for a program, and up to three programs). Participants from overseas wanting this grant should submit an application according to the following procedure. Originality and technology are evaluated.

[Qualifications and responsibilities]

  1. - Programmers from outside Japan who can participate in Category A.

  2. - You must give a one-hour short lecture in the symposium on March 18 and 19.

  3. - If you do well and earn the right to participate in the Densei-sen competition on March 20, you must proceed to the competition with the program.

[Application procedure]

  1. - Submit an A4 sheet (no fixed template, use PDF format) briefly explaining the technology used for the program and its good points.

  2. - Include the following items.

    1. (1) Program name

    2. (2) All the developers' names and to whom they belong

    3. (3) Name of the person requesting the grant

    4. (4) Amount of grant money requested (up to 300,000 yen)

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