Travel Support

Travel Support

This year, we have a very limited amount of budget to support overseas participants.

Any overseas programer who wants to participate in Category A of the UEC Cup can apply this grant. Each successful candidate will obtain 100,000 yen, but in return, he or she should owe a duty to give a one-hour talk in a special session of the Eighth E and C (Entertainment and Cognitive science) symposium held in UEC from March 18th to 19th. We are planning to select 2 or 3 programmers. Below we provide detailed information.

[Qualifications and responsibilities]

  1. - Applicant should be a programmer from outside Japan who can participate in Category A.

  2. - Successful candidate must give a one-hour short lecture in the Eighth E and C symposium on March 18 and 19.

[Application procedure]

  1. Submit abstract of a possible talk in the E and C symposium to:

  2. uec_cup_grants[at]

  3. (Please replace [at] with @ in the above address.)

  4. The talk should have something to do with computer Go.It is more desirable that the talk explains original techniques used in the applicant's program.

  5. Please include the following items in the application.

    1. (1) Program name

    2. (2) All the developers' names and their affiliations.

    3. (3) Name of the person requesting the support


  1. February 1st (Saturday).

  2. February 7th (Friday).


  1. Anyone who submit an application form shall receive a notice of acceptance of the application within 2 days from submission, except Saturday and Sunday. If you do not, please let us know as soon as possible. Mails from hotmail or other free mail are sometimes rejected or filtered as a result of being recognized as spam, so we recommend applicants to submit mail from a more reliable mailing address.

    Feel free to ask any questions about this grant support to the above mailing address.